How to Check Authenticity of Mad Honeu

How to Check Authenticity of Mad Honey?

Mad honey also known as cliff honey is known for its psychedelic properties and has been used for centuries by the locals of Nepal. Our mad honey is collected from giant beehives mainly from the cliffs of Lamjung, Nepal. The honey we collect is psychoactive, harvested above 3000 meters from sea level. This extremely potent harvest is rarest and are supplied in limited quantities every year. Mainly known for its grayanotoxin properties, mad honey's hallucinogenic properties interact with the nervous system, leading to array of psychoactive effects.

Although there is no proven procedure to test the authenticity of mad honey, you can find various vendors claiming to sell real and authentic mad honey at very higher prices online.

You can consider the following factors before buying mad honey so that you will not end up receiving products that are adulterated and not genuine.

1. Search Reputable Sources:

The beehives of Mad Honey is primarily found in the cliffs and dense forest of specific region where rhododendron plants are found. These regions include parts of, Nepal, Brazil, Turkey and certain areas around the Black Sea. If the honey claims to be mad honey but originates from a different location, it is likely to be not genuine.

2. Laboratory Testing:

To be absolutely certain about the authenticity of mad honey, laboratory testing is the most effective method. You can send sample in the reliable laboratory for testing. The laboratory will employ specific methods to analyze the honey sample. This typically involves extracting and purifying the grayanotoxins from the honey and then using techniques such as liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS) to identify and quantify the presence of grayanotoxins. Although the companies selling mad honey claim to test each batch of honey from lab itself, Nepal has no such lab at present and to test authenticity as per batch can be quite impossible as the test is quite expensive and time-consuming.

3. Reliable Sellers:

While making a purchase, make sure you are buying it from reputable sources. Ensure the reputation and authenticity of the supplier or brands. You can look for honey suppliers who have track records of selling genuine mad honey. Do not forget to read reviews and seek recommendations from experienced buyer, this increases your chance of purchasing authentic mad honey.

4. Price:

Comparatively, mad honey is more expensive than regular honey mainly due to its rarity and risk involved while hunting. If you find honey selling at unusual lower rate, it might indicate that it is not genuine mad honey.

5. Color, Consistency and Flavor:

Mad honey tends to have a darker amber color compared to regular honey. While color alone is not an ultimate indicator, its consistency it is often thicker and denser than regular honey due to concentration of grayanotoxin. Mad honey has distinctive bitter, tangy and slightly metallic aftertaste.

6. Toxicity Level:

Mad honey contains natural neurotoxins from rhododendron plants. Its primary characteristic is the hallucinogenic effects when consumed in sufficient quantity. Real mad honey can induce moderate symptoms of toxicity while consumed in large quantity. However, it is better exercise caution as excessive consumption can lead to severe health issues.

Kindly note that laboratory method is the most reliable way of testing the authenticity of mad honey however, it is expensive not easily accessible. All other factors listed above might help you in some ways or the other to determine the authenticity of mad honey. Although many sellers claim to supply lab tested mad honey for each batch, it is important to know that it is not possible to perform lab test in every batch of mad honey.

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