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Everything About Nepalese Mad Honey- 8 Surprising Fact

Here’s an interesting thing that happened this harvest season: when our team went hunting recently at the end of May, one of our team members Prashant consumed enough freshly harvested mad honey due to excitement. Soon he was dazed and 3 of us carried him down to homestay. Prashant gained his consciousness the very next morning. This usually happens when one consumes a high dose of highly potent mad honey. However, it does not affect much if it's medicinal honey. 

The effect of mad honey depends largely on the individual’s sensitivity to the toxins and the amount consumed. People purchase mad honey for its hallucinogenic properties and use it for recreational purposes as it holds psychoactive effects particularly from rhododendron flowers. But wait! There’s more to it. Below we have listed 8 amazing facts you need to know about mad honey before consuming it: 

    1. Mad Honey- A Toxic Temptation:

      Did you know the name ‘Mad Honey’ originated from the effects it can have on humans when consumed in large quantities. Grayanotoxins present in honey are its main element which acts as a sodium channel in the body, leading to various physiological effects. It causes psychoactive effects and intoxication. It leaves you trippy, numb and relaxed. However, if you consume it in larger quantities, it can be dangerous.

    2. Ingredient to Healthy Lifestyle:

      The mad honey is also known for its medicinal purposes. People use it as alternate medicine for hypertension, flu, indigestion, gastrointestinal disorders, arthritis, dyspepsia and various other health issues. Regular consumption of mad honey in recommended amounts can prevent cancer and minimizes the risk of heart disease. If you are an active sports person, it undoubtedly increases your athletic performance. All in all, the mad honey is a boon if consumed regularly in the right dose.   

    3. Death Defying Harvest:

      Mad honey hunting in Nepal is a very risky process and can be very challenging to obtain as it is harvested from the highest cliffs of Nepal. The production depends on the availability of rhododendron flowers. As it is harvested from 3,500 meters above the sea level, and 300 meters above the ground level, people from the Gurung tribe risk their life by climbing these high cliffs to harvest the rare honey and at times, they fall off the cliffs and loose their lives as they climb on braided bamboo ropes with no proper safety precautions. 

    4. Sexual Stimulant:

      You might wonder, does this work as a sex stimulator for real? Yes, it does. Mad honey is also popularly known as a love drug or aphrodisiac food that puts you in a great mood after consumption. It not only helps you build great intimate relationships with your partner, but also leads to an increase in desire- the key to spicing up your love life. It creates a placebo effect in your body and puts you in a relaxed mood. 

    5. Most Potent Harvest Season:

      The potency of mad honey is highest when it's rhododendron blooming season: during late spring (March-April). Although harvest is done during late Autumn (September-November) as well, this batch of honey is not considered potent and has more medicinal properties. The wild bees extract nectar from plants and put it into its second stomach called the honey sac. Hence, the potency of honey is all about the flower-nectar wild bees collect. As the grayanotoxin is found in the rhododendron flowers, the honey is likely to be highly potent during its season. 

    6. A Forever Honey:

      Yes, you read it correctly! Mad honey as long as kept out of moisture of the air,  is a forever honey and comes with no expiry date. There are two major reasons why honey doesn't spoil: the honey’s low water content and high acidity as the bacteria that causes food to rot can’t survive in these two conditions.  Although its potency decreases gradually over time (after 6 to 7 months) and it turns into medicinal honey, it never expires. Not in a lifetime! The worst it can get after years is crystallization. 

    7. Get That Glass Skin Glow:

      Our exceptional mad honey is your ultimate solution if you are a skincare enthusiast. It is known as an effective germ killer and skin tissue regenerator as it contains antimicrobial properties, it works as an antioxidant and helps you with anti-ageing. From treating fine lines and wrinkles, to making your skin smoother, softer and plumper, Mad honey gives you that perfect glass skin.  

    8. Wild Honey Hunting- Why Should We Protect:

      Wild honey hunting is a tradition that indigenous communities have been practicing for thousands of years. Unfortunately, this practice is seen to be decreasing in today’s time. The major factor affecting wild honey harvest is due to lack of recognition and support. Traditional honey hunters put their life at risk while harvesting from the himalayas yet they don’t get the fair price. This undermines their effort to conserve the practice. Following this, overharvesting is another factor which clearly puts significant pressure on honeybee populations. This happens in areas where there is high demand for wild honey. Overharvesting can lead to destruction of hives and can lead to local extinction of honeybees. To address this threat, the collaborative efforts of governments, local communities, beekeeping organizations and conservation organizations should be involved.  

We request all our consumers to always exercise caution while taking mad honey. We urge you to keep the honey out of children’s reach and don’t feed them. In case you want your children to consume honey, kindly go for regular honey as wild honey can prove to be dangerous for your child. Incase of any health conditions, it is wise to consult your doctor before the consumption of mad honey. Be smart and always purchase honey from reputable sources and try to know if the honey is authentic. To know more about how to check the authenticity of Mad Honey, read our article here: How to Check Authenticity of Mad Honey?

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